Introducing “Cultum Librorum” - A Book Club for the Occult!

Introducing “Cultum Librorum” - A Book Club for the Occult!

After so much time talking about it, it’s finally happened - a book club hosted at WitchLab has finally been created! Literally meaning “Cult of Books” or “Worship of Books” at least that’s what my Google Translate says!) this book club will be reading books that are focused on a variety of arcane and esoteric subjects. With the amount of interest to create a book club, we’re really excited to help bring all book lovers together! 

The club is open to everyone interested. If you’re unable to make it to the physical discussion meetings at Witchlab, feel free to use the Facebook group for discussions ( ). We understand that everyone might not be able to make it to meetings and that’s okay! 

Currently, the book of the month for January is “Besom, Stang & Sword: A Guide to Traditional Witchcraft, the Six-Fold Path & the Hidden Landscape” by Christopher Orapello and Tara-Love Macguire and the first meeting to discuss the book will be January 26, at 6pm. 

For those looking to get a jump on February’s reading, we will be reading “The GLAM Witch: A Magical Manifesto of Empowerment with the Great Lilithian Arcane Mysteries” by Michael Herkes on February 23, at 6pm.   - currently available at WitchLab

One last note, the future books to read are not locked in, so please suggest your favorites!

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