Wholesale, Consignment, and Purchasing

Yes we do! For more details visit our wholesale page.

Yes we do. At this time we are looking for unique and weird items. If you're interested in applying for our consignment please send the following information to witchlabinfo@gmail.com

  • Pictures of what you'd like to sell
  • Line sheet of items

Yes we do, the weirder the better.
Email us at witchlabinfo@gmail.com with pictures of what you have and pricing.

More Details About the store

The best place to park is on our cross street, S. Yale Avenue. It's free to park on both sides of the street. We also have a small parking lot on the west side of our building, accessible via W. Capital St.

No, we are not hiring at this time. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for hiring updates.

Yes we do! We host a variety of events and classes that cover a wide range of witchy and occult topics. For more information visit our event page.

Yes you can. We have a reader available most days of the week.
For more details visit our readers page

We source most of our white sage from an indigenous owned business. Our palo santo and other herb bundles are ethically sourced.

Any dead thing in our store is either ethically sourced via vulture culture, or are bought second hand (ex: flea market, private collection, etc.)

First, fuck Nazis.
We take the safety of our community very seriously and are aware of how certain symbols have been misused and appropriated. We have a zero tolerance policy for neo-Nazi's and white supremacists in our store.
Despite their appropriation and misuse, WitchLab chooses to continue to sell these symbols as they still hold spiritual significance to a portion of our community.

Ghosts, Spirits, and magic

Unfortunately we do not offer any spell casting services but we are more than happy to help you plan and organize your own workings.

Nope. If you or someone you know are in need of one, call a priest.

WitchLab has some unseen workers that may make their presence known when you come and visit. Items may fall over, the front door may open and close, and if you're not careful something you set down in one place may end up in another.