Tarot Readings

Meet our Tarot Readers...


Tempest Faa is a mystic that grew up in Louisiana and has traveled throughout the United States. They began divination as a young child and studied under a metaphysical Priest. Outside of mystic work, they are a circus performer specializing in ropedart and face balance.

Tempest is normally at the shop on Saturdays 12-6pm and Sundays 1-5pm.   Walk ins are welcome but appointments are always suggested.  You can book an appointment by calling the shop during business hours at 614-725-2666 or you can purchase an online reading here:


Tempest offers the following services:

Palm Reading - $15

3 Card Tarot Reading - $15

5 Card Tarot Reading - $25

Custom Spread (designed for a specific question) - $35

Crystal Ball Gazing - $30

Rune Casting - $30

Tea Leaf Reading - $30


Al Rook of Just Caws Occult Shop is with us Wednesday through Friday from 4:30-7PM. 

Al offers the following services: 

6 Card tarot reading - $25

Custom Reading (1 topic only) - $40  





The following price structure is for tarot readings done by Tiffany.  To make an appointment please email us from our contact page.  

3 cards - $15 – Past, Present, Future – pretty straight forward, it’s a quick relaxed reading, approx. 10-15 min.

5 cards - $25 – Past, Present, Future, Hopes and Secrets – it’s like the 3 card but goes a little deeper, approx.  15-20 minutes

10 cards - $40 – Cross Spread – This is the classic spread, really fleshes out the situation and gives you insight into alternate views along with immediate and long term future.  Usually takes 45 minutes to an hour.  

13 cards - $50 – Zodiac Spread – This is an in depth reading that touches on every aspect of your life.  It’s a great one to do at the beginning of the year or the beginning of any big life change.  Usually takes an hour or more.  


Tarot Parties are also available at $150 an hour, during these I offer 3 card readings.