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Hello World
Welcome to our new website! Please bear with us while we work out all of the kinks, and keep your eyes peeled for TONS of new products, classes, and oddities coming soon! We will also be doing bios, introductions, and class descriptions in upcoming blogs!
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  • Hi Michael! Thanks for reaching out! Here is a link about the proper use of bear/bare in this circumstance. Hope this helps!
    <3 WitchLab


    Tona Pearson on
  • HI! I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF SHOPPE YOU HAD AND EVERY TIME I PASSED YOUR STORE IT WAS CLOSED. I LIKE YOUR WINDOW DISPLAY BUT AFTER CHECKING OUT IT MAKES SENSE AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR STORE. Having said that I did see one minor mistake that that is with the word bear that 50% get it wrong. Please change the word to bare /bare with us enstead of bear like a wild animal.. I know it not my business but I like to see any shoppe on West Broad make it as business is a hard field. Maybe one day I will check out your store when it is opened but until then good luck with the business . Please do not post. Cheers, Michael Adkins

    michael p adkins on

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