Bringing us together

Bringing us together

Here in the shop, we have been overrun with feelings of having SOMETHING important to do. Something pending, and indescribable, but nebulous and hard to pin down. We have had a pull towards a path that we have been struggling to find. It isn't as simple as finding the starting point, as we are always in the middles of our journeys, right?

Shortly after we opened, we received a message asking to talk about the idea of using our backroom as a meet up space for people of all sort of beliefs. It was...IS... the goal of this group to create safe space for people to share their thoughts, ideas, and paths with one another, and using Kabbalah as a unifying backdrop, to show how connected everything is. We connected so quickly, that not moving forward wasn't even in the realm of possibility.

Since February, the wonderful founders of Circulos Tenebris Matrem Arcanas (Circle of the Dark and Mysterious Mother) have joined us on the first Sunday of each month to explore, and learn in a casual environment designed to encourage sharing. We have done all sorts of talks through these last several months. Talks about Kabbalah, Lilith, Hekate, several traditions, etc. We have had meditations, blessings, show and tell (Lets us TELL you how cool THAT was!), most recently culminating in a large private ritual at the beginning of June, that left us hungry to do more great work together.

The longer we have been doing this, the more connected we feel as people, and the more our fogs are lifting. It has become increasingly clear that providing space for people to come together in unity, without judgment, is topping our list of “Have to's”, and here is where you, our friends, come in.

We are actively seeking people to come to our meetings, and chat with the group about things they feel knowledgeable on. You don't have to be the leader of a coven, or a high priest/ess of any tradition. We want to hear what you think, and what you feel, and want to provide space for you to be heard! We are firm believers in listening to everyone's ideas, and taking what works for ourselves, and moving forward. What works for me might not work for you, but I would LOVE to hear all about your path. Let's share, and build one another up, and unify for the greater good.

If you are interested, please email us here, or at to set up a time to come and talk to us about what you would like to offer!

Even if you are not interested in standing on the soap box, we would still love to have you join us for the next meeting! First Sundays, 6:30 pm, $5 suggested donation.

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  • Really excited to get to know everyone, share, and learn.

    Bishop Mark Williams on

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