Astrology for Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Astrology for Wednesday, 27 November 2019
Today the Moon in Sagittarius makes a square to Neptune in Pisces. Our fire, drive, and momentum may feel dispersed and diffuse. Our vision for new possibilities may feel like it’s drifting in so many directions that it becomes challenging to take clear action. Notice where you are experiencing friction between your ideals—the life you want to be living or the kind of world you want to be co-creating—and the ways you are actually living today. We’re always practicing something—every moment of every day. Today we may be challenged to align our practices with our visions. Then Neptune stations direct after moving retrograde since June. Neptune is a slow moving outer planet that signifies mysticism, spiritual consciousness, dreams, fantasies, and tuning into non-ordinary realities. My sense is that Neptune’s retrograde has been a kind of retrieval, a turning back to practices from the past, whether ancestral practices or returning to spiritual traditions that open the self to a more collective consciousness. What traditions have been returning to your life? How have the ancestors been speaking? It’s time to put what we’ve gathered and recollected into practice. It may be time to innovate the traditions we inherit, asking: how do we take the spiritual traditions of our ancestors and bring them forward into life in the 21st century?
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