Shard Life Readings

In all my years as a reader I have met several people who have been told by other psychics and readers I know to be good, that "they were Cleopatra in a past life" How is this possible? Through meditation and trance work as well as a study of ancestral practice I can to understand the concept of Shard Lives.  When we pass, we spend time rejuvenating. When they time comes to return, we meld into the great primordial soup and we are poured into a new life that has a blend or mixtures of others experiences.  This is how multiple people can be Cleopatra.  They all share a shard of that life.
Shard Readings pull out a shard of a past life experience, it brings it forward and shows you how this past experience is playing a part of your current life. Shards may show why you are facing specific challenges in your life now and how to address them. I believe this type of reading helps guide you on your current spiritual journey and aids in achieving spiritual ascent.
Advanced Readings - 60 minutes - Deep discovery of shards and their role played in your life. $100
Basic Readings - 30 min - standard discovery of a shard and the role it plays. $55

Shadow Work Readings - Threads of Fate Shadow Deck

Working with your unconscious mind to uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself. Through Shadow work we work toward self-awareness with a goal of acceptance and compassion for yourself. Benefits can include confidence, esteem, less stress, and better relationships with yourself and others. Shadow work is a Spiritual practice which should continue on after your reading.  Shadow work is a journey not a cure.
Advanced Readings - 60 min - includes guidance, energy work, and meditation - $100
Basic Reading - 30 min - Shadow card guidance - $55

Tarot Readings

Find answers to questions through the use of the Tarot. The Tarot incorporates areas as wealth, job, Relationships, spiritual practice, and more. Ask your questions and receive guidance. Receive messages from Spirit guides and Ancestors.
Advanced Reading - one hour - In depth reading with multiple spreads - $100
Basic Reading - 30 min - quick reading to answer a question or just see what is going on - $55
Quick Reading - 15 min - General lay of the land, what vibes are around you - $30