Ray is available for Charm & Bone Readings during store hours Sundays and Mondays, with some availability on Thursdays and Fridays. Availability can be subject to change based on the needs of the store, please call ahead to confirm.

I have been practicing and studying divination for over a decade. I’ve always particularly loved searching for omens and scrying for meanings using everyday objects, so my charm & bone readings were born. My charm & bone set includes charms I have been collecting since childhood, bones scavenged from the farm where I grew up, and herbs and crystals I’ve built relationships with. During a reading, the charms are thrown onto a handkerchief and read in relationship with each other to dig into the landscape of your life. The charms and I connect with messages from your ancestors and your spirit guides, reflecting the truth of many matters in your life–past, present, and future–while providing wisdom for moving forward.

Services Provided by Ray:

Charm and Bone Throwing

One Throw - $30 / 15-20 minutes One throw from the charm & bone set can be general or tailored to a particular area of your life.

Key Point Reading - $55 / 30-40 minutes In this reading, I will cover the most important points shown to me from the entire charm & bone set. While we can begin with a focus on a specific area of your life, a reading with the full set always gives a holistic picture that illustrates connections, rather than isolating the reading to one subject.

Comprehensive Reading - $100 / 1 hour In a comprehensive reading, I have time to dig into the richest details of your life and psyche and to let messages from your ancestors and spirit guides develop into the most fruitful suggestions for moving forward.