Available alternating Fridays 4-7pm and every Saturday 1-5pm. Next Friday availability will be January 19th. Availability is subject to change, please call ahead to receive reader's full availability. 

Viv has been studying tarot since 2010 and offering readings for others since 2022. Their journey with tarot began as they were diving deeper into their spirituality and found that the cards offered comforting guidance while going through massive life changes and growing pains. To them, tarot is a self-reflection tool and a conduit for external energy to present itself. It can call us to confront the more challenging aspects of our inner and outer worlds and show us patterns and influences we may not have been able to see before.

Services provided by Viv - 

Tarot Readings 

Super Basic Reading - $15 - 1-3 cards to get a quick lay of the land and check the energies around you.
Standard Reading - $30/15-20 min - a simple reading of a small-medium sized card spread to explore basic themes at play or get an overview
Intermediate Reading - $55/30-40 min -   a more in-depth reading of a large spread intended to explore more complicated situations and to gain further insight into a query.
Advanced Reading - $100/60 min -  have a more involved request? Advanced readings will get to the heart of the situation and may involve multiple spreads.