Wholesale basics:

  • Wholesale pricing is only available for select items that are made by WitchLab.  This includes teas, perfumes, some ritual and magical oils, hand sanitizer, and some personal care products. 
  • Wholesale pricing is 50% of the retail prices listed on WitchLab.com.
  • Minimum order amount is $100
  • Minimum order quantity of 6 per item.
  • Resale prices should be no lower than the retail prices on WitchLab.com (2x the wholesale price). 


Account Setup

Please email witchlabwholesale@gmail.com to set up a wholesale customer account, or let us know if you have any questions.

Sales Tax Exemption

You will need to provide a PDF resale exemption certificate to verify eligibility for sales tax exemption. Depending on what your state requires, you may be able to use the "Multi-Jurisdiction Form" (MTC Form, which covers a lot of states) or the "Streamlined Sales Tax Form" (SST Form).

A PDF copy of your state sales tax ID certificate or reseller's certificate would also be ideal.


Once you have an account, wholesale orders can be emailed to witchlabwholesale@gmail.com.  We will create a listing and email it to you for payment.  All orders are prepaid.  

Shipping is calculated automatically at checkout based on the order weight.