Astrology for Sunday, 24 November 2019

At the very start of the day, the Moon ingresses into Scorpio, the sign of its fall or depression. We may feel as if we’re wading through the heavy emotional content of our inner worlds. With reception from Mars, the Moon has more support, but be gentle with yourself if you’re feeling the weightiness of the day. The Moon then makes a conjunction to Mars. Aggression, aggravation, or agitation may complicate the morning. From there, the Moon moves into an opposition to Uranus, just hours before Mars makes this same aspect. It may feel as if you are approaching a breaking point, and perhaps you are. But first, Venus perfects its conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius, one of the most beautiful aspects of the year. Both benefics are joined together in Jupiter’s sign. This is the start of a new Venus/Jupiter cycle, teaching us what can become possible if we open to what adrienne maree brown describes as “a radical, global love that grows from deep within us to encompass all life.” brown writes in Pleasure Activism that we have been taught “that love is a limited resource and that the love we want and need is too much, that we are too much. We learn to shrink, to lie about the whole love we need, settling with not quite good enough in order to not be alone.” Venus conjunct Jupiter is calling us into loving as an abundant resource, living into the radical honesty of showing up as our whole selves and inviting those we love to do the same. This will mean feeling into our own desires and pleasures, asking for what we want and need, listening to the wants and needs of others, and offering the love we can give in ways that are mutually affirming. Then Mars in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. We’ve reached a breaking point, the demand for radical action or separation. Mars was conjunct Uranus in Aries back in February 2019. That story is coming to its climax as Mars moves through its other domicile. How are you fighting for your own emotional well-being? What patterns are no longer sustainable? This is an explosive opposition. Don’t be surprised if something revolutionary shakes your emotional depths. Finally, the Moon conjoins Mercury. It’s time to bring the lessons of Mercury’s retrograde back into your feeling body in order to communicate these insights to others. We have to feel what’s been uncovered in order to speak our truths.
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