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Unguentum Venenum 30mL

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Do not ingest!

An ointment of spirit flight, underworld descent, sabbatic revelry and oneiric journeying. This is one of my traditional witches’ flying ointment recipes. It is a powerful blend of nightshades and essential oils that work in synergy to enhance trance states and promote visionary experiences within a ritual setting.

This is a dark and chthonic unguent for meeting the shades of the dead, spirits that dwell inside the earth and deities associated with witchcraft and sorcery. It is the vehicle a witch would use to go to a lonely wild place in spirit and enter in to a pact with the green Devil.

Contains: Atropa belladonna and henbane herb, olive oil, carnauba wax, mugwort, clary sage and spikenard essential oils.

Start with ¼ tsp. as a test application. Patch tests can be performed with smaller amounts to determine if there is any allergic reaction, apply a small amount to inner elbow and check 24 hours later if there are concerns about sensitivity. Some people are extra sensitive to nightshades and should not use products that contain them. Slight flushing and tingling at the application site are normal.

Up to a full teaspoon can be applied, and tolerance levels will vary. Some individuals are more sensitive to herbal products while other’s metabolisms are more resistant.

The forehead, neck, inner wrists, arms, and chest are all effective places to apply the ointment. Avoid mucous membranes (nose, mouth, genitals). For enhanced absorption, the ointment can be applied to the underarms or soles of the feet where it reaches the bloodstream faster. Also, the larger the surface area you apply to, the more product is absorbed.

The alkaloids can take 1-2 hours to absorb.

What to expect: You may experience sensations of cold, tingling or movement, especially at the application site. Slight visual disturbances are possible and are enhanced by darkness and candlelight. Sparks or flashes of light may appear in the darkness. Lucid dream/waking states where dreams bleed into waking consciousness.

Comes in 30ml black tin. 

***do not use if you are nursing, pregnant, trying to get pregnant, have a heart condition or nightshade allergy***

This product is sold as a curio only, and any information is for educational purposes. Coby Michael, The Poisoner’s Apothecary and WitchLab are not responsible for misuse of this product. These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and per their requirement, this product is not intended for human consumption.

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