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Two Blades Ritual Oil

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Comes in 10 mL black cap bottle.

Do not ingest!

This is an oil of influence, glamour, sexual prowess, and empowerment formulated specifically for gay men. A blend of herbs and essential oils in a grapeseed base, this anointing oil is meant for empowerment in all areas, not just the bedroom. Use as a fragrance, to anoint candles or for a sensual massage.

Herbs: It contains orris root, which is not only one of the most powerful love herbs, it is specifically used in gay love spells to ignite a man’s passion. Deerstongue, another herb associated with gay love magic, also brings eloquence and swagger to the formula. High John the Conqueror root is a very fiery and masculine herb. It is an herb of success, mastery, and it is used in love magic. High John brings sexual prowess, and makes one more appealing to others.

Essential Oils: Bay leaves are symbols of prosperity. Bay also happens to be an ingredient in many classic men’s colognes. It is relaxing, its scent said to be mildly narcotic. It promotes love, warmth and security. Spikenard is an ancient aphrodisiac. It is used in rituals to spice up love life, ensure fidelity, and marriage. Hibiscus is used in love, lust and passion spells, specifically to keep a lover’s attention. Bergamot is used in commanding and success formulas, and rose geranium smells nice.

This product is sold as a curio only, and any information is for educational purposes. Coby Michael, The Poisoner’s Apothecary and WitchLab are not responsible for misuse of this product. These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and per their requirement, this product is not intended for human consumption.

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