Tumbled Fluorite #F4

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Fluorite, also known as “fluorspar”, is a mineral that forms in a variety of colors including shades of purple and lavender, clear and green banded as well as yellow, green, blue-green, white and rainbow. The name Fluorite comes from the Latin word "fleure" which means "to flux," which in turn means, "flowing out" or "continuous change".

Fluorite is a popular mineral in magic because of its ability to bring balance, stabilize energy, and bring clarity to confusing situations. It is known as a stone of discernment, and can encourage unbiased thinking and decision-making. It can also be useful as a learning and memorization aid when studying. 

Fluorite is associated with the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras, which govern compassion, communication, and intuition respectively.

This listing is for one piece. Size and color may vary. 

Crystal #F4