Tumbled Flower Agate #F2

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Flower Agate is a type of chalcedony that is formed from microscopic quartz crystals;  small opaque flower-like Chalcedony inclusions give it its unique pattern. Agate is normally recognizable by its banding, usually appearing as a blend of opaque and translucent layers.

The use of agates as healing charms and amulets date back to the Neolithic era and this tradition carried on throughout Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. It is said that the Greek philosopher Theophrastus named these stones 'agate' after the river he found them in; the Achates River (now Dirillo River).

Flower Agate is believed to help one find balance between reality and one’s inner world. Its gentle energy is useful for soothing emotional pain and recognizing areas in one’s life that need extra nurturing. Flower Agate can be a useful companion when working through difficult situations and be a helpful reminder to be compassionate toward oneself. 

Flower Agate is associated with the Heart and Root Chakras, which govern compassion and foundations respectively.

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Crystal #F2