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Spell of Influence Kit

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Do not ingest!

Influence magic can be worked in virtually any way. From personal empowerment, gaining the upper hand, persuading opinions, influencing a situation, and more.

Two powerful allies - Belladonna and High John Root combine for mastery of all magical and mundane pursuits, whether it is seduction, success, domination or maleficia.

This kit contains:

One doll

One 10ml bottle of Belladonna Influence Oil

Three white candles

Anoint the three candles with Belladonna Influence Oil, put a small amount on your hands and the doll. Place the doll in the center of the three candles and burn while focusing on your object of Influence. Repeat as needed. Keep the doll in a secret place when not working on it and wear the influence oil to carry its energy with you. 

Belladonna Influence Oil: 

A dark and seductive formula for commanding and compelling, blending elements from Hoodoo Bend Over Formulas and High John the Conqueror oil with an infusion of Belladonna.

Sexual, sensual and a little sadistic this formula can be used to gain a lovers attention, bring favors, and to increase powers of persuasion. This aphrodisiac oil can be worn to raise ones own passions or stoke the fires in another. The sweet and musky blend of spikenard and calamus create an intoxicating aura of mystery.

Uses: Glamour magic, Manipulation, Commanding, Lust-sex, Persuasion, Influence, Power, Prowess. 

This product is sold as a curio only, and any information is for educational purposes. Coby Michael, The Poisoner’s Apothecary and WitchLab are not responsible for misuse of this product. These statements have not been approved by the FDA, and per their requirement, this product is not intended for human consumption.

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