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Our Moon flow tea has been specially put together with herbs that help soothe cramps, and gently help your cycle come. Beautiful gunpowder green tea as a base melts smoothly with jasmine, and lavender. Small amounts of both pennyroyal, and motherwort help your cycle along, and add sweet spice to the mix.

Each bag of our tea is hand blended, guaranteeing that you receive the exact right amount of every single ingredient that we have chosen for the right flavor. 9 tablespoons of tea promise 20+ cups! Because each batch is hand blended upon order, this item is only available through our website, but please use coupon code PICKUP if you want to skip shipping and grab it in the shop!

Brewing instructions: 1TSP of loose herb per cup of boiling water (plus one for the pot if you are doing a large batch!) steeped for five minutes, enjoy.

This tea is not safe during pregnancy.

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