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Catherine De Medici Talisman

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Catherine de Medici was the daughter of Lorenzo di Piero de Medici, also known as Lorenzo the Magnificent, the ruler of the Florentine Republic. The Medicis were one of the most powerful and notorious families during the Italian Renaissance. Catherine had her own notorious reputation and was married to Henry II King of France in 1533. Her detractors described her as power hungry, unscrupulous, a witch and a poisoner. One thing is without a doubt and that is that she was a powerful ruler in her own right, ruling as Queen regent after her husbands death. She was known for her interest in astrology, magic, alchemy and poison. She was known for employing the famous astrologers and occultists Cosimo Ruggeri and Nostradamus. 

The original talisman was made for her by smelting a number of virtuous metals during powerful astrological transits, the molten metal being mixed with human and goats blood. It was destroyed upon her death but a replica still exists in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.

The talisman is engraved with occult symbols depicting the goddess Venus and the god Jupiter and was created to draw love and power. The talisman is engraved with various angelic and daemonic names associated with the sphere of influence attributed to Venus as well as symbols associated with its planetary intelligence and influence.

Venus is associated with all forms of beauty, love, abundance and passion; considered the lower octave of Jupiter which is a planet of royalty, spirituality and expansion. This talisman could have been intended to attract and hold much more than romantic love, appropriate for various forms of personal empowerment, advancement and influence.

This replica was made from a zinc alloy and measures 1.5 x 2 inches. The chain is 27 inches long. Additional information on the names and symbols found on the talisman is also included.

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