Black Obsidian Devil's Eye Pyramid

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Obsidian is a type of naturally occurring volcanic glass formed in quickly cooling lava.

Black Obsidian is a popular stone for magic because of its ability to absorb and shield against negativity.

Black Obsidian can also help the wearer recognize flaws and identify the changes necessary for self-improvement. Black Obsidian is known for its ability to provide blunt answers when it is what the wearer needs to hear.

Obsidian is associated with the Root chakra, which governs foundation.

This Black Obsidian Devil's Eye Pyramid is an excellent tool for protection, utilizing Black Obsidian's natural shielding qualities as well as an Evil Eye to ward off misfortune. 

Size may slightly vary. This listing is for one obsidian pyramid.

Size is approximately 1.6 in x 1.7 in