Beard Oils - Viking, Wizard's Pipe, Mercury and Enchanted Woods

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WitchLab Beard Oil will condition, soften, and tame your beard, regardless of length.

A blend of grapeseed oil, almond oil, and meadowfoam seed oil with all natural essential oils.

Viking scent features balsam, cedar, ambrette with a touch of vanilla. Vikings love vanilla.

Wizard's Pipe features tobacco, benzoin, black pepper and whole lot of sorcery. 

Enchanted Woods smells like a night time walk in a magical forest with cedar, evergreens, earth, and the whiff of a far away campfire.  

Comes in a 1oz spray bottle- simply spray one squirt to both sides and gently work through with fingers first, then comb through.

For shorter beards applying a small amount to fingers and rubbing in works great.