Rivka is currently on leave, we'll let you know when she's back!

Rivka has been studying Tarot since 2018, and reading for others since 2021. She developed an interest in using tarot as a tool for self-examination and exploration based on her educational background in art therapy and psychology. While tarot can be used for highly spiritual pursuits and questions, in readings Rivka likes to focus on how the cards can help change perspective, bring forth unexpected and unrealized ideas, and highlight our hopes and fears. Rather than revealing the future with any certainty, the cards often reveal our psyche.

Services provided by Rivka - 

Tarot Readings

Super Basic Reading - $15 - 1-3 cards to get a quick lay of the land and check the energies around you.
Standard Reading - $30/15-20 min - a simple reading of a small-medium sized card spread to explore basic themes at play or get an overview
Intermediate Reading - $55/30-40 min -  a more in-depth reading of a large spread intended to explore more complicated situations and to gain further insight into a query.
Advanced Reading - $100/60 min - have a more involved request? Advanced readings will get to the heart of the situation and may involve multiple spreads.