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"I found my first deck when I was in college while casually glancing over books in the 'spiritual' section at a local bookstore. I wanted and had to have it. I bought the deck and sporadically, overtime, I would shuffle, pull a few, look at the pictures, and then put them back in the box. Mainly because, at that time, I wasn't confident that I had any right to produce meaning from the cards and therefore never got too far into it. Years later, I am in another town, in another bookstore and I see another deck. I wanted and had to have it. Though this time just shuffling and looking at the pictures were not enough. My self-doubt was only a hindrance and I had to know what was hidden in the images. Why does the person on the nine of cups look so smug? Why does the Devil hold their torch upside-down? I dove head first into the rabbit hole and have been chasing that fluffy white tail ever since. There is heartache and love in abundance in the cards. There are cards that are cryptic and take time to decipher and cards with messages that will hit you like a mack truck. I started to read in the wild a few years ago when I recognized it was a way for me to share my love of the tarot with others."

Services provided by Maryan - 

Tarot Readings 

Super Basic Reading - $15 - 1-3 cards to get a quick lay of the land and check the energies around you.
Standard Reading - $30/15-20 min - a simple reading of a small-medium sized card spread to explore basic themes at play or get an overview
Intermediate Reading - $55/30-40 min -   a more in-depth reading of a large spread intended to explore more complicated situations and to gain further insight into a query.
Advanced Reading - $100/60 min -  have a more involved request? Advanced readings will get to the heart of the situation and may involve multiple spreads.