Brooke is available for tarot readings and reiki and sound bath sessions from 4:30-7pm on Wednesdays.

Brooke has been a witch since 1994, delving into solitary practice before assuming the role of  High Priestess within a coven. Through her dedicated exploration of spellcraft, ritual, tarot, Reiki, and divination , she cultivated a profound connection with the Divine. Ordained by the Church of Healing Light and holding a ministerial license in Ohio, Brooke's spiritual journey has been marked by a commitment to healing and service.

Since attaining the rank of Reiki master in 2006, Brooke has been a steadfast conduit of healing energy. Her repertoire extends to Seichim energy, focused on mental and emotional wellness. With over three decades of experience in tarot reading and a newfound passion for incorporating sound into her practice, Brooke's expertise continues to expand. 

Nestled in Hilliard alongside her wife, two of their three sons, and two beloved dogs, Brooke's sessions epitomize compassion, guidance, and empowerment for all who seek her care. 


Services offered by Brooke:


Reiki offers a pathway to alleviate stress and anxiety while fostering profound relaxation. Originating in Japan, this ancient practice harnesses the power of universal energy to enhance your capacity to maintain harmony across body, mind, and spirit. At its core lies the belief that all elements of existence, both internal and external, are interconnected through an energetic flow. Disruptions or deficiencies in this flow can manifest as illness and stress. Through a Reiki session, this flow is restored, enabling access to your inherent healing capabilities. 

Notably, Reiki involves no physical contact. While many individuals find it a beneficial complement to their existing healthcare regimen, it is essential to recognize that Reiki serves as a supportive measure and is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment.

Basic Reiki Session - $45

Lasts approximately 30 minutes

Standard Reiki Session - $85

Lasts approximately 60 minutes

Includes chakra alignment

Advanced Reiki Session - $140

Lasts approximately 90 minutes

Includes chakra alignment

Includes Quick Sound Bath


Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in the serene embrace of a Sound Bath, a meditative journey where participants are enveloped in the soothing resonance of quartz crystal singing bowls meticulously tuned to resonate with the seven chakras. This transformative experience has the power to recharge, purify, and harmonize your individual energy field, fostering a profound connection to universal love and enhancing the depth of your meditation practice.

Quick Sound Bath Session - $25

Lasts approximately 15 minutes

An easy way to see if a sound bath is right for you

Standard Sound Bath Session - $45

Lasts approximately 30 minutes

Includes a guided meditation if desired

Intensive Sound Bath Session - $85

Lasts approximately 60 minutes

Includes guided meditation if desired

Includes energetic chakra alignment


Tarot Reading

Quick Reading - $30 

Lasts approximately 15 minutes

Great for quick feedback on a simple question or situation

Standard Reading - $50

Lasts approximately 30 minutes

Great for diving a little deeper into a specific situation

Advanced Reading - $100

Lasts approximately an hour

Great for broad guidance or multiple questions