Bailey is available for readings from 4-7pm on Fridays. Feel free to call ahead to confirm availability or make an appointment.

Bailey is a Norse Green Witch who has been studying tarot since 2018 after she received her first reading at WitchLab. From there she dove into the rabbit hole of all things witchy, especially tarot! Through her readings she discovered she had a knack for communicating with spirits through the cards. She has been able to reach out to loved ones that have transitioned to the Great Wide Open and spirits casually passing through.

Services provided by Bailey- 

Bailey offers standard three card readings and from there opens the deck up to communicate with specific spirits, spirit guides, and spirits passing by. 

15 minutes - $30

30 minutes - $60

45 minutes - $75

60 minutes - $100

**although not necessary, if you would like to communicate with a specific spirit, it is helpful if you bring a photo or something that has a connection to them.