Viking Mustache Wax

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The only mustache wax you'll ever need.

It features a strong hold, not too hard to get out of the tin, and conditions your whiskers while it holds.

All natural beeswax based. features the signature viking line fragrance of white wood and cedar.

This listing is for a .5 oz tin. 


  • comb your mustache from the center out a few times before applying
  • best applied on a dry mustache in a warm environment- do not apply if your mustache is still holding moisture from the shower
  • use the backs of your thumbnails to scoop a small dab out on each hand, and then pinch those dabs off between your thumb and forefinger.
  • allow the warmth of your fingers to soften the wax, and gently rub into mustache ends-
  • DON'T TWIST - a little back and forth twist when applying is fine, but not a full on twist- this causes the tips to curl too far forward or back, and then they are fighting back against the twist all day causing the tips to unravel
  • the proper motion is a firm but gentle pull straight to the sides. they should curl up naturally on their own or coax them up without twisting.
  • if you have hairs to the sides of your lips that don't want to be in the curl, trim that shit- trust me, you can't make them go if they don't want to.

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