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Come in and shop by appointment!!

Please, Please, Please read the following when booking: 

Please ignore the quantity button at checkout.  

We understand that this sign up may be a little confusing.  There is no app that is perfect match for what we're trying to do, but this is pretty close.  Please read all of the following information.

Start by choosing duration you'd like to shop for. Then choose a time which will prompt you to choose a Team Member (you can choose Any Available to see the most availability), that is you.  You are the Shopper 1, 2, 3 or 4.  

Each appointment is for only one person - changing the quantity does not change this.  If you would like to shop with a buddy you can schedule an additional appointment for another Team Member with the same time slot.  We can have up to 4 shoppers at once in the store.   

At the end, you have to click the Pay button, even though this is free, you still have to complete the transaction in order for it to go on the schedule. 

If you're not sure about duration, here are some tips.     20 min is good if you know exactly what you're there for and you just need to grab some incense and go.   30 min gives you a little browsing time.  If you've never been to the store before, go ahead and book the 45 min (or even two 30 min slots) because you're going to want some time to look around.  We ask that you have your purchases completed during your booked time - but also, if there's no one booked after you, there's no rush, we just don't want to have to keep anyone waiting.

Please read the guidelines for in store shopping:

  • All in store shoppers are required to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth.  
  • We ask that everyone observe the 6ft distance rule from other shoppers and staff. 
  • There will be hand sanitizer stations set up around the shop.  You are encouraged to use them.  
  • No one under 16 years of age will be admitted.  Anyone under 18 years of age must accompanied by an adult.  
  •  Please keep in mind that the occult library and tea station are closed for the time being.  

If you would rather book an appointment by phone, just give us a call during business hours.  614-725-2666

Current hours:

Mon 1-4, Tues 1-4, Fri 3-6, Sat 3-6

Hours starting 5/27:

Wednesday-Saturday 11-7, Sunday 12-6