Wicca Pendants - Assorted Designs

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Wicca pendants to add some magic to your wardrobe! 

Intuition - This amulet shows the Goddess, raising her hands above her head as the source of all life and the connection that binds all things.

Power - The Goddess standing within a horizontal, crescent moon is a powerful representation of the feminine divine.

Spiritual Rebirth - The pentagram representing a mortal life and the cauldron the womb, this amulet is a powerful aid in your search for spiritual rebirth.

New Beginnings - Showing a sky clad woman raising an offering before a pentagram, this amulet is intended to aid you in being ready for a new beginning.

Stability - Wear this amulet of a braided crescent moon and interwoven pentagram, to find strength and stability within you and without.

Magik -  A talisman for someone who worships the goddess and the god, her consort, practices magic, and follows the spiritual path of Wicca.

Well Being - The chalice symbolizes the eternal feminine and its' properties of cleansing, regeneration and emotions.