Tumbled Flower Jasper #F3

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The word "jasper" comes from the Greek word iaspi meaning "spotted stone," and it is related to the Hebrew yashpeh and the ancient Assyrian word ashpu. Jasper was worn in antiquity by Priests in Egyptian and Hebrew cultures. The Ancient Egyptians would also bury mummies with Jasper talismans to protect them on their journey to the afterlife. In some Native American tribes Jasper was used to dowse for water.

Flower Jasper, also known as Wood Flower Jasper is a variant of jasper, a stone widely revered by ancient cultures.

Flower Jasper is a stone known for bringing joy. Its gentle nurturing encourages calmness and balance and can help with balancing impulsive desire with the need for risk assessment and careful planning. 

Jaspers in general symbolize the various landforms we see on Earth, and all the grounding and balancing that implies.

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Crystal #F3