Tumbled Chrysoprase #C3

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Chrysoprase, also known as the “stone of Venus”, is the rarest and most valuable variety of chalcedony. It gets its apple green color from small amounts of nickel. “Chrysoprase” comes from the Greek word chrusos, meaning golden, and prason, meaning leek, to refer to the golden-leek green color of the stone.

Chrysoprase is regarded as a stone of happiness, prudence, prosperity, and gentle confidence. Its soothing energy can help improve self-image, allowing one to express oneself without fear of judgment. It can be useful in situations where one needs clarity, cool-headedness, and poise. It is also believed to bring luck, new opportunities, and stability within business affairs. 

Chrysoprase is associated with the Heart Chakra, which governs compassion.  

Size and color may vary. This listing is for one piece. 

Crystal #C3