The Sister's Grimmoire: Spells and Charms for your Happily Ever After

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Inspired by childhood tales that we all know and love, The Sisters Grimmoire contains a plethora of of items to help you bring a little old magic and nostalgia to your practice. This volume boasts over 70 original spells lovingly drafted from the tales of the Grimm Brothers, helpful spellcrafting instructions to get you started in creating your own Faery Tale inspired spells, and several herbal indexes to aid you in your journey. All of this is wrapped up with useful chapter forwards discussing the various themes within the tales, some insight into the creative process, and a bit of discussion on ethics and usage of magic. Original artwork by A.E. Beylenn adds that final Faery Tale touch to bring you a truly magical Grimmoire for the modern era- and witch! Where will your adventure into the realm of the Faery Tale take you?

About the Author

Bree NicGarran grew up in the wilds of Bucks County, PA, and now resides near Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. She started reading at an early age and began writing shortly thereafter. Her work in short horror and personal accounts of ghostly happenings have been featured podcasts such as The No Sleep Podcast (Sept. 2014), Never Sleep Again (June-July 2014), and Lex Wahl's Anything Ghost (Summer 2014). When she's not ensconced in her home office, she can be found working on her various writing projects, including a second volume of fairy tale spells in conjuction with Anna Zollinger. In addition to her writing, she maintains a blog about and answering questions pertaining to cottage witchcraft, and is very glad that her sweetheart doesn't mind having a pagan altar in the living room. More information about Bree and her various projects and publications can be found at ------------------------------

Preferring a life lacking in hubbub Zollinger-Reed lives a rather secluded life in the American South with her Husband and their three cats, spending most of her time trying desperately not to get sucked into the chaotic spiral of life. A practitioner of Witchcraft since the tender age of 11, Zollinger-Reed has been around the bush a few times in many ways. She has spent a good many years developing her craft both magically and spiritually and now practices a wide variety of magics which are folk and (non-traditional / non- ceremonial) ritually oriented- chief among those are Domestic Magics and Spirit based practices; as a practitioner, she credits both the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and the Abhorsen / Old Kingdom Series with having greatly impacted her as a person- as well as having been the primary influences on her Magic, personal Practice, and spirituality. Until 2013 Zollinger-Reed was an active participant in the online community. Eventually, though, she became disenchanted with the state of the current community and its politics, stepped down from an active and public role online, and stopped participating within the greater Pagan community (most notably Tumblr’s). Despite this she remained an avid blogger, regularly writing about subjects closely related to Paganism and the Occult. Recent changes, however, have come with a long awaited (by some) re-entrance into the greater Pagan and related communities, and you may still find her writing available at