The Mystery of Dreams – Science and Symbols with Maggi Colwell

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The Mystery of Dreams – Science and Symbols


Dreams have been a fascinating pursuit since the beginning of human history.  Science has proven that everyone dreams, whether or not everyone remembers their dreams.  In this course, dream pattern analyst, Maggi Colwell will explore the nature of dreams through a Jungian psychology lens.  This 90-minute lecture will cover the following objectives:


  1. Identifying the psychological purpose of dreams according to Carl Jung.
  2. Defining the Jungian terms psyche, Self, and complex.
  3. Describing the 4 parts of the dream including the threshold, the development, the crisis, and the lysis. 
  4. Specifying the relationship of time to dream content as a macrocosmic model of the universe.
  5. Learning at least 3 methods for starting a personal dream practice. 

Maggi Colwell, MS ATR-BC

            Maggi Colwell recognized their deep interest in both creativity and dreams at a young age with an interest in alchemical symbolism, mythology, and surrealism.  Maggi received their bachelor's in visual art from Salisbury University in 2003.  Maggi now considers art-making a conversation with their soul. 

            Magickally speaking, Maggi trained with the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, for 12 years, receiving their 3rd degree as legal clergy in 2011.  Their studies have included ceremonial magick, hermetic Qabala, tarot, mythology, and astrology. Their book, Ecstasy in Shadow, explores a synthesis of art and science, containing both poetry and a teaching essay on the 27th path of the Qabala.  You can find their book here.

            Maggi received their Masters in Art Therapy from Florida State University and is a board-certified art therapist.  They have a Masters level Dream Pattern Certificate from the Assisi Institute.  Maggi lives in Columbus Ohio and works with clients individually in their private practice, Chiron Art Therapy. They also facilitate a weekly dream group online.  You can find out more from


Insta @maggicolwell and @chironarttherapy

Facebook:  Page:  Chiron Art Therapy

Group: Art as Alchemy

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Cost $30
The Whens and Wheres:

Sunday, January 16th 6-7:30pm

WitchLab (this is an in person class)
1185 W. Broad St
Columbus, OH 43222