The Complete Book of Moon Spells: Rituals, Practices, and Potions for Abundance

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Harness the power of the moon―spells to invite abundance and achieve balance

Luminescent and ever-watchful, the moon is a powerful source of energy and a conduit for magical abundance, bestowing blessings from the universe to help you achieve your goals and desires. The Complete Book of Moon Spells provides down-to-earth guidance on the phases, folklore, and science of the moon, as well as contemporary life-changing moon spells you can perform to cultivate love, money, health, success, and happiness in your everyday life.

Discover a primer on the orbit cycles and phases of the moon, as well as how moon magic manifests in abundance. Create your lunar atmosphere with advice on various techniques for casting moon spells in alignment with the moon’s phases, including ceremonies to perform and the ingredients you’ll need. Once your intention has been set, watch it manifest with easy-to-follow moon spells, rituals, and potions for love, success, joy, and peace.

The Complete Book of Moon Spells includes:

  • Nighttime rituals―Live in magical abundance with more than 60 simple-to-do moon spells and potions divided by the 8 lunar phases, including additional considerations to make the most of each moon spell.
  • Many moons ago―Explore the mysteries of the moon with an overview of the history and modern practice of moon magic, the effects of each moon phase, and which cycles will yield the abundance you seek.
  • Magical mind―Whether setting an intention or self-reflecting, The Complete Book of Moon Spells provides space in each section to imagine, inspect, and inspire you on your magical journey.


Embrace lunar power and enrich your life each day with The Complete Book of Moon Spells.



“The moon is a divine celestial body that invites contemplation as she glows in the sky. Michael Herkes has created the consummate guide to merging with the power of the moon and experiencing magickal blessings in your life. Dive into the lunar mysteries as you enhance your appreciation of this ancient symbol of love and abundance. Harness lunar power as you cast spells with confidence. Transform your life with The Complete Book of Moon Spells.” ―Fiona Horne, rock star, radio/television personality, and international best-selling author of books including The Art of Witch, Magick of You Oracle, and Witch: A Magickal Journey

“Unravel the mysteries of the moon with Michael Herkes! Dripping in lunar magic, The Complete Book of Moon Spells will remind you that you are an important part in this endless and enchanting celestial universe. It is the perfect guide for beginner witches looking to wield the moon’s power.” ―Tonya Brown, Editor in Chief of Witch Way Magazine, author of The Door to Witchcraft, and host of The Witch Daily Show podcast

The Complete Book of Moon Spells embraces the moon as its grand subject and offers something truly new and enchanting. Full of mythos, history, and spells of all sorts―for authenticity, for healthy habits, for archetype personification―this modern guide offers up an accessible but thorough path to infusing the moon's powers into your everyday life. By the end of the book, you'll be sipping a lunar martini, you'll have slain psychic vampires, and you'll learn to view the moon's cycles in a new, brilliant light. This is the moon magic we all needed!” ―Lisa Marie Basile, author of Light Magic for Dark Times and The Magical Writing Grimoire, and editor of Luna Luna Magazine


About the Author


Michael Herkes, also known as the Glam Witch, is a devotee of the goddess Lilith and focuses his practice on crystal, glamour, moon, and sex magic. He is an experienced tarot reader, nationwide speaker, and a regular contributor to Witch Way Magazine. Follow Michael at