The Astrology of Relationships

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In this class we will analyze the 7th house (“the house of partnerships”) in your birth chart and explore the 2 primary relationship charts, Synastry & composite, and how the planetary aspects effect your relationships. You will receive a copy of a synastry and composite chart for the relationship of your choice. These charts are good for any close relationship! Family, friendship and romantic relationships alike can benefit from these ancient techniques in Astrology.

You do not need the person you’re doing the relationship reading with to be present! This class is designed to help you understand your relationship dynamics, and how to aid you in better communication with your partner, friend or family member.

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The Whens and Wheres:

Wednesday, May 29 7:30 – 9:30
This class is $40 per person or $60 per pair.

WitchLab Occult Boutique
1185 W. Broad St
Columbus, OH 43222

Cancellation/refund policy:

If for some reason you cannot attend a class after you have prepaid for it, we will refund at the following rates:

  • 75% refund with at least 30 days notice by email
  • 50% refund with at least 14 days notice by email
  • 25% refund with at least 7 days notice by email
  • Without at least 7 days notice for cancellation we cannot offer any refunds.

However, tickets can be transferred to another person with at least 2 days notice by email.
Please send all correspondence through the contact page.