Reiki Charged Chakra Votive Candles

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These beautifully scented and Reiki charged candles from Crystal Journey Candles are perfect for incorporating Chakra work into your practice. 

Made with highly refined, food-grade wax, paper and cotton wicks, and essential oil blends to create the perfect altar candle. 

Each Candle comes with an intention card/manifestation card. 
Each candle is made with its own essential oil blend;
Crown - Frankincense and olibanum 
Third Eye - Jasmine and vetiver
Throat - Neroli and sage 
Heart -  Rose and geranium 
Solar Plexus - Lavender and rosemary 
Sacral - Ylang Ylang and sandalwood 
Root - Cedar and clove 

Height is approx. 2 in, width is approx 1 3/4 in.