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WitchLab is proud to host this 6 week Psychic Development Course presented by local Columbus psychic and medium, Susan Rawlings.  

Learn to develop your own psychic skills! Susan Rawlings will teach you how to develop your psychic gifts and build the confidence to give your own accurate psychic readings.

In this class, you will participate in a complete course that covers the essential elements that you need to fully develop your own psychic abilities. This course can benefit anyone personally, professionally and spiritually! Some students take the course to enhance their personal life and others have developed the skill and are now offering Psychic Readings professionally. This class is so much fun!

Class 1 Preparation for Psychic Development and Mediumship
Class 2 Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation and Psychometry
Class 3 Communicating With the Spirit World
Class 4 Psychic Time Travel – Introduction to Remote Viewing & Techniques
Class 5 Remote Viewing & Psychic Readings
Class 6 Tying It All Together

*This class is a 6 week commitment with various daily assignments. Please be sure that you have at least a 1/2 hour daily to practice outside of class time. Committing to daily assignments will insure your success! All students receive a full color manual written by Susan.

After completing this class successful students will:

Develop Clairvoyance and access Psychic visions.
Detect impressions using Psychometry by holding objects and learn about what personal messages your dreams may be giving you.
Sense, see, and receive messages from deceased loved ones who have crossed over.
Demonstrate Remote Viewing, the scientifically-proven method developed by US Government to transcend time and space to psychically view anything, past, present and future on or off planet.
Give accurate Psychic Readings for yourself and others.

The Whens and Wheres:

Every Wednesday evening 7-10pm for 6 weeks starting on March 4th (the final class will be on April 8th).

In person classes will be held at:

WitchLab Occult Boutique, 1185 W. Broad St, Columbus, OH 43222 

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are non-refundable.  Also, there will be no physical tickets sent out.  Upon purchase your name will be added to the class roster and you will receive an email confirmation (provided that you submit an email at checkout).  Online attendees will be emailed a link to join the class via Zoom. 

Meet the Instructor:

Susan Rawlings is a Professional Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Instructor, Public Speaker and Certified Hypnosis Practitioner .
Starting in early childhood she was sensitive to psychic energy and has memories of seeing and interacting with Spirits.
With years of experience throughout her career, she has successfully guided people of all ages and backgrounds through many life choices.
She can intuitively assist you with any area of your life.
Susan receives Clairvoyant impressions and can communicate with Loved Ones who have crossed over, Spirit Guides, Angels and Light Beings. She has worked with Law Enforcement on numerous unsolved crime and missing person investigations.
Susan has also studied Remote Viewing with Best Selling Author and former CIA Psychic Spy David Morehouse. Remote Viewing was developed in the Top Secret Government funded Stargate Program and is a scientifically proven method to transcend time and space to psychically view anything past, present or future on or off planet.
Hypnosis is also a service offered by Susan. She is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and deeply believes in the benefit of this modality because of her own personal success and the  success rate of many clients.

Susan is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and serves an international client base. By using the wealth of gifts and unique abilities that Susan possesses, she can help you discover your own psychic abilities and reach your fullest potential possible.