Pestlework: A Book of Magical Powders & Oils

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From the author of Grovedaughter Witchery comes a volume of potions and powders for all occasions, suitable to enhance the craft of any practitioner.


Old standards like Banishing Powder and Blessing Oil meet new classics like Dream Dust and Stargazer Wishing Oil. Need to rid your house of a troublesome spirit? Try a sprinkle of Ghost-Be-Gone Powder. Looking for a way to get your zest back after spellwork? Brim With Vim Vitality Oil might be just the thing. Over 200 original formulae await you within these pages, along with helpful hints, safety tips, and detailed instructions for creating your own magical powders and oils.


Collected for the first time in a single volume, these recipes are the product of twelve years of experience and much experimentation. While magic is never a guarantor of success, the potions within these pages just might give your spells the edge you need.


About the Author

Bree NicGarran grew up in the wilds of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and now resides outside of Williamsburg, VA. She has been a practitioner of cottage witchcraft for over ten years, and specializes in plant-based magics. Her first solo work, "Grovedaughter Witchery," was published in January 2017 and has been hailed by the online pagan community as the new standard text for beginner witches. In addition to her writing, Bree maintains a popular blog about her spellwork and witchcraft in general. She lives with her husband and two very spoiled ginger cats, and is very glad that none of them seem to mind having a pagan altar in the living room.