Magic Sachet Powder - 14 Varieties

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Sachet powder is a versatile magical product. Traditionally used to dress important paperwork or petitions, sprinkling on ground where the target will walk over, as a magical carpet sprinkler, container spells, mojo bags, or simply sprinkle on your altar. Safe to use on skin as a magical scented body powder, add to baths, and can be used to dress candle after oil is added. 


All purpose is traditionally used for any magical need including, abundance, protection, money, peace, or for the home or enviroment and more. 1/2oz.


Attraction powder is traditionally used to attract a lover or keep your lover close. 1/2oz.


Better Business powder is traditionally used to grow a company or business, improve business skills, increase customers, expand your sales. 1/2oz.


Come to Me powder is traditionally used to attract someone special into your life. 1/2oz.


Dragon's blood is traditionally used for healing, protection, banishing, and it will increase the potency of other blends. 1/2oz.


Fast Luck powder is traditionally used to bring luck back on your side. 1/2oz


John the Conquerer is traditionally used to increase confidence, help overcome obstacles, and for court cases. 1/2oz.


Money Drawing is traditionally used to draw money and abundance. 1/2oz.


Peaceful home powder is traditionally used to bring peace, harmony and calm into your home. 1/2oz.


Prosperity powder is traditionally used for money, wealth, and financial success. 1/2oz.


Reversible powder is traditionally used to reverse anything that was sent your way and back to the person who sent it. 1/2oz.


Road Opener powder is traditionally used to open new doors for you and your path to prosperity 1/2oz.


Seven African Powers is traditionally used to invoke the virtues of the 7 African Orishas. They will help you bring love, money, luck and peace of mind. 1/2oz.


Unblocker powder is traditionally used to help you unblock and remove unwanted energies or obstacles that stand in the way. 1/2oz.