Intuitive Witchcraft Workshop with Astrea Taylor

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Join Astrea Taylor, author of Intuitive Witchcraft (Llewellyn 2020) in an interactive workshop all about intuitive witchcraft. Learn how to connect with your intuition and how to use it in all aspects of your witchcraft. Participants can create a charm bag to support their intuitive work with materials provided. A book signing will also take place after the workshop (books  sold separately.)
Class fee $40
Meet the instructor:
Astrea Taylor is a pagan witch from Southwest Ohio and the author of Intuitive Witchcraft and Air Magic. Her blog, Starlight Witch, is one of the top ten ranked pages on Patheos Pagan. Astrea's writing often centers around witchcraft in the modern age and new ways of looking at eclectic and solitary witchcraft.

Astrea has presented workshops and rituals at several pagan and witchcraft gatherings, including Starwood, Pantheacon, Paganicon, Pagan Fires, Pagan Spirit Gathering, the Dayton Pagan Pride Festival, and Bitchcraft. When she's not writing or leading rituals and workshops, she co-leads the fire dancing group Aurora Fire. Learn more about Astrea at
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The Whens and Wheres:

Saturday, November 13th, 7-9pm

WitchLab (this is an in person class)
1185 W. Broad St
Columbus, OH 43222