Into Glow, Out of Gloom: by Handsome Devils Puppets

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Into Glow, Out of Gloom: a puppet show featuring 4 vignettes of various folktales, ballads, or original songs that I've found strength in over time, and have chosen to use puppets to pass along to others. My puppet shows are a stripped down, always honest (always tearful, me and you, nobody is safe), frequently laughable, often macabre exploration of the power of your person and the power of puppets to help you find that. I won't hide behind a curtain or commit to any illusion, I am just another very terrified, very real human doing what makes me indescribably full for a room of people willing to still find magic in it all.

August 16th 

1185 W Broad st Columbus, OH, 43222
Doors at 7:30
Show starts at 8

Run time approx 45 min

LIMITED SEATING IS NOT ASSIGNED. There will be standing room in the back.


Contains adult themes, not recommend for children