Death's Head: Animal Skulls in Witchcraft & Spiritwork

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This book contains a unique blend of folklore and hands-on Witchcraft, all centered around the use of animal skulls. Contained herein are the manifestations of the author's own personal style of Witchcraft as well as methods for magically finding a skull, ways of purifying the skull, and instructions on how to imbue the skull with spirit presence for the purpose of divination, insight, and other acts of magic. Also included are rituals for the physical manifestation of the spirit and instructions for petitioning magical favors by way of spirit intervention. The Witch seeking a stronger, more intense connection with the spirit world will find good use of the rituals and methods given.


About the Author

Blake Malliway is a practicing Witch from Chicago, IL. He is the co-owner, along with his brother Wycke Malliway, of the Malliway Bros witchcraft shop located in the bustling Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. He lives in Highland Park, IL, just north of Chicago, with his cat, his spirits, and of course, his skulls. When he's not practicing the Craft or running the shop with Wycke, he can usually be found parading around Cornwall, England.