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The Conjure Bag (aka Gris-gris or Mojo Bag) is a magical talisman that can either be carried with you or left on your altar or special place to help achieve a personal goal.

Our bags are hand sewn using natural fabrics (either cotton or silk) and filled with only high quality magical items including (but not limited to): herbs, oils, resins, animal parts (feathers, bones, etc.), wax, parchments, stones, and charms.

Each bag is made to order for your specific purpose so you can either choose from the general list or you can choose custom and then just email us with the specifics of your goal. We do reserve the right to refuse requests.

Each bag is made to order so they can take anywhere from a couple of days to up to a month to complete depending on the moon phase and the specific purpose.

Legal stuff:

WitchLab is not responsible for any allergies, or anything resulting from the use of any of our products or the outcomes of any spell work. Consult a physician before using herbs for healing. Keep away from children and pets. We do not replace nor dispense medical, legal or financial advice. Magical products are all thought to enhance the energies around you, give a boost to your actions. So use your actions wisely. Think before you act and remember that you and only you are responsible for your destiny and the results of the actions you take.