Celtic Amulet Pendant

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4 different styles available:

Celtic harmony pendant for earth harmony. The wheel shape, (or circle) represents man's harmony with nature. It radiates gentle peace and possesses soothing qualities. The circle is the spirit of Earth harmony. 1 1/2" Pendant that comes with a cord.

Celtic harmony pendant for unity of male and female. The Celtic cross represents the world axis, spiritual bridge between Heaven and Earth. The cross within the circle unites the principles of male and female, Yin & Yang. Pendant length is 1 1/2" and comes with cord.

Celtic harmony pendant for spiritual awakening. Celtic spirals represent beginnings and births as in flowering buds. The cross with spirals symbolizes new spiritual awakenings. 1 1/2" Pendant with cord.

Celtic harmony completion pendant. Celtic knots are generally formed of endless lines signifying the binding of the soul to the physical world. The 10 points surrounding the knot work are symbolic of completion within life. Pendant length is 1 1/2" and comes with cord.