Black Moon Amplifying Celestial Spray

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It is well known that the new moon is the perfect time to do specialized magics. Rededicating tools, spells for new beginnings, and all sorts of work towards abundance and power.
July 31st was a BLACK MOON (which is the second new moon in a given month). This event only happens every few years, so it is extra special for spell work!
We have made a limited run of a special magical amplifying spray to help you get to your next level! This spray was made during the black moon, with herbs, oils and stones all consecrated in a ritual performed by WitchLab.
Uses include cleansing (tools, spaces, etc), dedicating spaces, but most excitedly, this great smelling spray is a literal magical boost in a bottle. If you are doing a working that is tricky, or if you just need a push to get through a rough spot, we've got you!
This product is going to be extremely limited, as it can only be made during this specific magical time!