Astrology: The Moon & You

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In this class we take a deep dive into the mystery of the Moon in Astrology. We will analyze the Moon through all of the signs and houses, including your own Moon placement in your personal chart! We will also discuss the 8 phases of the Lunar cycle and how to effectively utilize its shifting energy through your astrological chart as a powerful tool of manifestation. 

After purchasing your ticket, please go to and fill out your birth date form. Birth time is highly recommended for accurate transit placement, but not required for this class.

Class fee $40

Meet the Instructor:

A Columbus native, Chandra Coffman has been a student of Astrology since 2011. Always having an interest in the metaphysical, she found a wealth of invaluable life knowledge through deeper studies of the stars, and now hopes to spread that knowledge to others. Having had her share of dull Astrology classes, her passion is to excite others about this ancient science in a humorous and entertaining way.

PLEASE NOTE:Tickets are non-refundable.  There will be no physical tickets sent out.  After purchase your name will be on the door list and you will receive an email confirmation (provided you entered an email at checkout). 

The Whens and Wheres:

Wednesday, April 22nd 7:30-9:30pm

1185 W. Broad St
Columbus, OH 43222