Arcane Bullshit Oracle Deck

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The Arcane Bullshit second-edition Oracle deck features:

106 weird images printed on standard tarot-sized cards

Premium quality card stock, matte finish

A confusing 48-page perfect-bound guidebook

A gloriously sturdy 2-piece box, printed inside and out with arcane nonsense

Cool nudity and cursing

This deck is intended to be used as part of an intuitive divination practice. There are no special instructions, numbers, or spreads. Unless you want those things. There are some in the guidebook, but who knows if they work.

What’s new in the 3rd edition? Not a ton. I fixed some small errors and re-drew 8 of the older cards that I was bored with. If you’ve already got a deck, there’s no need to update unless you’re a serious collector.