Working with Gnostic Kabbalah

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Working with Gnostic Kabbalah assumes that the attendee either attended the previous course, Intro to Gnostic Kabbalah or that they have prior understanding of basic Kabbalistic ideas such as the Sefirot.   This is not a beginner or intro class.  

This course will feature discussions on pathworking on the Tree of Life, meditation, building an altar, and kabbalistic ritual.  A guided meditation will be performed at the end of the course.  Handouts will be provided on all topics covered.

Mark H. Williams is consecrated as a Bishop in the Independent and Gnostic movement and holds a Masters in Theology as well as a certificate in Transformative Coaching.  He has been a student of many religions and spiritual traditions, focusing on Kabbalah for the last 20 years. He is the author of the book Embracing Lilith and the graphic novel Shades and Shadows.

Class Fee is $25

The Whens and Wheres:

Sunday, June 7th, 6-8:30pm

This is an online class via Zoom (so your living room, or bedroom, or wherever you zoom).  All registered attendees will receive a link to join on the day of the class.  

PLEASE NOTE:Tickets are non-refundable.  There will be no physical tickets sent out.  After purchase you will receive an email confirmation (provided you entered an email at checkout).