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The Poison Path sounds like a place of mystery and danger, and that couldn’t be more true!  The Poison Path is a way of describing one’s work with dangerous, deadly and taboo plants.  It is a combination of occult herbalism, ethnobotany, folk magic and phytochemistry.  While many of the plants we will experience along the Poison Path are poisonous and deadly, there are also those plants that are intoxicating and aphrodisiac.  One will quickly learn that “poison” really means potency, and even the most dangerous of plants have had some kind of medicinal application or traditional use.  It is the exploration of plants that are considered taboo and otherworldly that makes the Poison Path so interesting.  In this class we will explore what the Poison Path is, and what can be gained from working with poisonous plants in one’s spiritual practice.  We will explore the mythology, folklore and magical uses of many deadly and dark herbs.  We will also discuss the topic of ethnobotany and entheogens, another branch of the Poison Path concerned with the traditional ritual use of psychedelic plants.  At the end of the workshop, attendees will have a better understanding of what makes poisonous plants so magical and how to incorporate them into their own practice!

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Class Fee is $40 
The Whens and Wheres:
Friday, October 8th, 2021 from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Eastern Time 
At WitchLab!!!!  Yes, this one's in person!!  Woohoo!!  
1185 W. Broad St
Columbus, OH 43222
Also online!  For those who aren't ready to leave their cozy caves, or if you just live too far away, you can still join in.  This will be a live class only.  No recordings will be retained or sent out afterward.  

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For those choosing the online class via Zoom (so your living room, or bedroom, or wherever you zoom). This is a live class only, a recording will NOT be available afterward.  All registered attendees will receive a link to join by 6pm on the day of the class. Link will be sent to the email you registered with.  Registration closes at 5pm on the date of the class.  

Meet the Instructor

Coby Michael is an entheogenic herbalist and occult practitioner, specializing in plants that are poisonous, intoxicating and aphrodisiac.  Plants like these have a special connection to magic and witchcraft, and their mind altering effects have many different applications in magical practice and spiritual exploration.  Coby teaches how to safely work with these plants, and how they have been used historically for the same purposes.  These are very powerful plants that can dramatically change one’s perspective and magic.  Coby runs the Poisoner’s Apothecary where he makes and sells a wide variety of ethnobotanical formulas, ritual blends and magical artifacts.  He is awaiting the publication of his book The Poison Path Herbal:  Baneful herbs, ritual entheogens & medicinal nightshades, which comes out on October 5th with Inner Traditions/Bear & Company.  The book is a unique and detailed exploration of the Poison Path, the practice of working with poisonous and intoxicating plants.  It is loaded with information on specific plants from folklore to phytochemistry.  The Poison Path Herbal is a practical guide to safely working with chemically potent plants, and understanding the phytochemicals that make them so important.  The reader will learn how to work with these plants magically, make their own formulas following the many recipes in the book, and grow their own poison garden.  Coby also teaches classes on a variety of topics, including witches flying ointments, working with plant spirits, and of course poisonous plants.  All of Coby’s classes can be found on the website as well  Coby’s background is in ethnobotanical herbalism, folk magic and religious studies.  He is a contributing writer for The House of Twigs and Patheos Pagan, and has contributed extensively to the archives at Valdosta University.

Contact Info:

Twitter: @poisonpath