Crystal Grids - Empowerment, Love Thyself, Prosperity, Protection, Sound Body Sound Mind

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Our crystal grids are hand designed and perfect for manifestation and meditation. Each kit contains a grid, a focus stone, way stones, and desire stones. There is a picture of the completed grid included for reference. 


Includes: Brecciated jasper, garnet, tourmaline, ametrine 

Our self esteem crystal grid is ideal for those who need a boost of confidence. The focus stone is brecciate jasper to help with vocalizing your wants and needs as well as boosting your courage and confidence. The way stones are garnet and tourmaline for strengthening your personal power and inner strength. The desire stone is ametrine for balance and harmony. The unique layout to this grid reflects the journey you’ll take to self acceptance and self confidence, with the destination being inner harmony. Place this grid where you normally get ready for the day and as part of your morning routine, meditate before it and take in the energy of each crystal. Carry the self confidence and strength they provide you as you conquer the day ahead.

Love Thyself

Includes: Rose quartz, garnet, opalite, ametrine, tourmalated quartz 

Our Love Thyself crystal grid is perfect for those looking to improve their relationship with themselves. The focus stone is rose quartz to open your heart and make it ready to receive your love. The way stones are garnet and opalite for strengthening your personal power, promote patience, and focus your willpower. The desire stones are ametrine and tourmalated quartz for nurturing emotional support and self acceptance. Keep this grid where you feel most safe in your home. Meditate on the grid and take in each crystal’s self love properties to foster a healthy relationship with yourself


Includes: Pyrite, tiger's eye, jade, citrine 

Our Prosperity crystal grid is great to use for those starting a new venture that they want to succeed at. The focus stone is pyrite for wealth and abundance. The way stones are tigers eye for inspiration, calming fear, and success. The desire stones are jade and citrine for abundance, prosperity, protection of assets, and willpower. Keep this grid where you run your business or at your desk at work. Each day, before you start working, meditate before the grid and harness the energy of each crystal to bring success and abundance to what you’re working on.


Includes: Smoky quartz, garnet, black obsidian, labradorite 

Our protection crystal grid is perfect for those looking to add some metaphysical security to their home and family. The focus stone is a smoky quartz which acts as a neutralizer and defender. The Way stones are garnet and black obsidian for defense and protection against aggressive individuals. The desire stones are labradorite that act as barriers to block any ill will and help in reducing your stress. Keep this grid in the heart of your home so that all who reside can benefit from its protective energy. Each day meditate before it, tapping into each crystal’s energy and carry the security it provides with you.

Sound Body Sound Mind 

Includes: Shungite, jade, tiger's eye, rutilated quartz, aquamarine

Our Sound Body Sound Mind crystal grid promotes physical and mental health. The focus stone is shungite to block any incoming illness. The way stones are jade for mental protection and invites harmony, and tigers eye for physical protection and invites clarity. The desire stones are rutilated quartz to draw off negative energy and promote growth, and aquamarine for emotional peace and clearing the mind. Keep this grid in a space of your home that is a safe haven for you, where you go to retreat and connect with your mind and body. Spend a moment with this grid each day and follow the pattern of the crystals, meditating on them and tapping into their energy.