We were so spoiled while we had Angie as our summer intern that it didn't even dawn on us that we would eventually have to replace her! As sad as we are to let her go, we are equally excited to bring someone new in.

It is apprentice time again! Apprentices are family for us, and choosing someone to be a part of our daily ridiculousness is always as tough as it is important. We are currently looking for people who have availability on weekdays between the hours of 12, and 5.

We ask that people who apply be able to come in one day a week, for four or so hours so that we can all benefit as much as possible from the experience.

People who qualify must:

*Be consistently available for four hours a week, for at least 4 weeks (we are open to longer times/multiple days too, but this is abase level obligation)
*Be able to infrequently lift up to 50 pounds
*Be at least vaguely familiar with simple tools
*Be comfortable on a ladder
*Be able to be self motivated in case of the inevitable moments when we are too busy doing some weird thing to give perfect directions 

Tasks include crappy stuff like taking out trash, and doing dishes, but also involves really rad stuff like:

*getting to work with clients, and help them find exactly what they need in the space (this does not even mean retail. LOTS of people come in for things that have nothing to do with spending money).
*harvesting, processing, drying, and finishing off herbs we have grown ourselves
*production of products/packaging outgoing product
*set up and organization for classes and lectures
*helping us set up displays, and make the space more inviting for all of our guests

As this is an apprenticeship, it is not compensated monetarily, BUT you can look forward to sweet things like:

*shop discount
*free or discounted classes
*access to shop herbs and materials that are not available to the public
*personal mentoring through the shop in order to better help you figure out your path
*the ability to learn about and create a product of your own, to take home
*behind the scenes hijinks that can only come from having a shop family

I could go on, but this is already a book. People who are interested please EMAIL US AT

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