Flying Ointment? Maybe.

Flying Ointment? Maybe.

Here at WitchLab, we always do our best to help everyone on their magical paths. We work hard to produce new hand made products to help you achieve your goals, and often we turn our personal goals into projects as well.

I have been on a path of lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, and vision questing for 25 years. It began as an effort to help me control night terrors, and sleep walking, and has become a lifelong mission to delve deeper into my subconscious mind to learn from the secrets hidden there.

After many years of doing, and exploring, and helping other people understand the hidden meanings behind their own dreams, I got to a point where I felt I was no longer pushing any boundaries. Lucid dreaming is second nature, and was simply becoming boring for me. I needed to find something to help me push past my current level, and get deeper inside of my own head.

Around this time, I started talking with people about psi experiences, and people who do astral work, and found that the area of liminality used for all of these experiences is really the same space, looked at from different angles. (I am happy to go on and on about this in person, but trying to keep this concise)This gave me a ton of new resources to read, and learn about, and eventually I came upon an article about flying ointment.

Flying ointment was a huge rabbit hole for me, filled with lots of stuff I will choose to not talk about online, haha, but what I can say is that learning about it put me on a 6 month bender of research. This research led me eventually to putting a group of herbs, m any of which are baneful, into oil, and letting it steep for a month.

I began using the oil on myself first, just in case my carefully laid out ratios were garbage, and I had produced straight up poison. I immediately had results that were strange enough that I had to step back from my sleeping habits (waking myself mid REM sleep, to reset my dream cycles, using OTC drugs to help with memory retention, and deepness of sleep) in order to experience it as a pure tool. It was still intense enough that I had to relearn a lot of what I already knew, as I was getting information, and symbolism so rapidly, that it was difficult to keep up.

After a month of solid use every other day, I began to give samples to close friends who I knew had a great deal of experience with this area of work. So far, everyone who has used it consistently has had significant results in their area of work. It is because of this that I have decided to very carefully offer a VERY limited amount of this product out into the carefully chosen public.

The ingredients I have chosen were all curated into this oil for their specific magical and chemical uses. In this blend you will find the common “non toxic” herbs that will come to mind... Mugwort, Valerian, etc, but you will also find large parts of Damiana, Datura, and Wormwood (along with a host of other goodies).

This is NOT a beginners ointment. This stuff can be very dangerous for people that have no experience with liminal magic. I am talking about the stuff that happens between spaces. Subconsciously, at higher conscious levels, in the parts of your brain where your shadow is strong. This ointment is a tool for skilled magicians.

Are you interested? Please email us ( and let us know why, and you will be considered for the list of people who will get to take this journey with us.

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